JC scouts ahead

Teamwork is the eleventh mission in Second Sight. It takes place in Dubrensk on 22nd February, 09:30 hrs.


The WinterICE squad have arrived at the outskirts of Dubrensk searching for Grienko's research facility. The village initially seems deserted, until Russian soldiers open fire on the squad.




Juan Carlos 'JC' Verdes: "Looks deserted, sir."

William Robert 'Tex' Jackson: "Fresh tracks though. Someone's home."

Colonel Joshua Starke: "Keep you eyes peeled. Okay, let's move it!"


Starke: "They were the same troops as last night, I'm sure of it."

Tex: "They've wiped out everyone."

JC: "Civilians too, this is genocide, sir."

Starke: "Get me the satellite, we need to call for EVAC. I'm sorry Wilde."

Anthony Cortelli: "Nothing, sir. Just interference."

Jayne Wilde: "No, someone's jamming us!"

Tex: "Doesn't look like we're getting out any time soon."

Starke: "But we can't stay here. We'd better retreat."

Jayne: "But we're so close, this woman is the key."

Tex: "I don't like this, sir."


  • In Starke's future, this is where the rest of the WinterICE squad died.
  • This is the last time that the player works together with the WinterICE squad.
  • Failing this mission will show the "WinterICE Dead" Enigma cutscene.
  • If Vattic attacks a member of WinterICE, the Colonel will mark him as a 'traitor' and the entire squad will fire upon John. If John dies, or he kills another member of the squad, the "Psycho" Enigma cutscene will be shown.