Jayne and Vattic drive away from government agents

Streetlife is the tenth mission in Second Sight. It takes place in the Tenements on 7th October, 7:00 pm.


Jayne has dropped John off near the New York Tenement block, where Colonel Starke has gone into hiding. Government agents are patrolling the area and John doesn't know exactly where to find Starke.




Dr John Vattic: "The Colonel's here?"

Jayne Wilde: "This is the address he gave me."

John: "Keep going! Pull over here. I'll find him - circle the block."


Colonel Joshua Starke: "Alright, real easy now, put your hands up!"

John: "Okay, okay. Don't shoot"

Starke: "John... John. My God, you're alive! I thought you'd been killed, with the others in Dubrensk."

John: "What do you mean, with the others?"

Starke: "Everyone on the WinterICE team. Those bastards killed them all! They killed them all, John!"


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