Hanson Redemption

Hanson seeks his redemption

Redemption is the seventeenth and final mission in Second Sight. It takes place in the Zener Research Facility on 22nd February, 12:05 hrs.


Hanson was in Dubrensk! What if he could have been stopped then - before his twisted research project could even get started?




Dr John Vattic: "Leave that! Where's Hanson?"

Professor Viktor Grienko: "Director Hanson is examining the specimens."

John: "You're crazy - he just wants tissue samples."

Grienko: "Don't lie to me."

John: "They're killing the children!"

Grienko: "No! They are going to America!"

John: "Grienko, no one is going anywhere. He will slaughter us all. I've seen it happen!"

Grienko: "That's not true. You can't know!"

John: "Where is he? Grienko! Where is he?"

Grienko: "Lower levels... He's gone to the lower levels."

Black Ops: "Your services are no longer needed, Professor."


Director Silas Hanson: "What? No, no, stay back. What do you want? Stay away! No! I said stay away! Don't touch me! You bit me you little bastard! Arghh!"