Cortelli loses radio contact

Fieldwork is the fourth mission in Second Sight. It takes place in the Huvat Plateau on 21st February, 10:45 hrs.


The WinterICE squad is on the ground in Western Siberia. They are proceeding toward the USHC pipeline station where they hope to find out more information about Professor Viktor Grienko. A few kilometres from the station, they are attacked by unknown troops.




Anthony Cortelli: "Mommy Bear, this is WinterICE requesting clearance. Over."

Colonel Joshua Starke: "How we doing?"

Cortelli: "They've hit some weather sir, we're losing contact."

Mommy Bear: "WinterICE, we are moving out of radio contact. Proceed as planned."

Cortelli: "Roger, Mommy Bear. Over and out."

Starke: "Okay, WinterICE - we're on our own."

Dr John Vattic: "What am I doing here?"

Jayne Wilde: "You're here to change things for the better, John."

John: "What things?"

Jayne: "That's what we've come here to find out."

John: "But what does it have to do with me?"

Jayne: "Everything, John - you're the only one who can protect us."

John: "From who? Grienko?"

Jayne: "It's not Grienko - it's what he may have created."

John: "What?"

Jayne: "We're in danger!"

Juan Carlos 'JC' Verdes: "Sir!"

Starke: "Vattic, Wilde - keep behind us!"


Starke: "Medic! Patch 'em up."

John: "Who were those guys?"

William Robert 'Tex' Jackson: "Not Russian regulars - some kind of guerrilla force."

Starke: "Whoever they were, they know we're here. Let's keep our eyes peeled. Good work you two!"

Jayne: "You saved my life John. Thank you."


  • In Vattic's future, this is where Jayne Wilde died.
  • Failing this mission will show the "Jayne Dead" Enigma cutscene.
  • If Vattic attacks a member of WinterICE, the Colonel will mark him as a 'traitor' and the entire squad will fire upon John. If John dies, or he kills another member of the squad, the "Psycho" Enigma cutscene will be shown.

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