Hanson deploys his squad

Entrapped is the ninth mission in Second Sight. It takes place under the Penfold Asylum on 6th October, 8:05 pm.


John Vattic and Jayne Wilde are escaping through the extensive storm drain system underneath Penfold Asylum. Armed troops have been deployed to stop them with orders to shoot to kill.




Director Silas Hanson: "He's here?"

NSE Captain: "Yes, sir."

Hanson: "He'd better be. Where's the girl?"

Captain: "Vattic broke her out of her cell about thirty minutes ago."

Hanson: "Where are they now?"

Captain: "They've gone into the storm drain, sir. There's only one way out and my men have it covered."

Hanson: "Well, well, Dr Vattic. It seems I may have underestimated you. Send in the special team. Take them from both sides."

Captain: "Yes, sir."

Hanson: "Lethal force, captain. Shoot to kill."


Jayne Wilde: "Are you okay?"

Dr John Vattic: "I think so? I keep getting these flashbacks. At first I thought it was my memory coming back, but things keep changing."

Jayne: "We need to find the Colonel."

John: "The Colonel's alive."

Jayne: "Of course he is. They tried to court-martial him! They covered up everything!

John: "Where is he?"

Jayne: "He disappeared before they could arrest him, but he gave me an address, a place to go if I was in trouble."