Hanson in his office

Confrontation is the sixteenth mission in Second Sight. It takes place in the NSE Headquarters on 7th October, 10:30 pm.


John is faced with the realisation that Hanson's NSE troops were responsible for the slaughter of the Zener Children in Dubrensk. The tissue samples they brought back have been used in bio-engineered psychic research. He must find Hanson.




Director Silas Hanson: "Ah, Doctor Vattic, finally. You've been giving us quite a runaround haven't you?"

Dr John Vattic: I know everything, Hanson.""

Hanson: "Know? what do you really know, Dr Vattic?"

John: "I know what you did in Dubrensk and I know what's going on here."

Hanson: "Research and development, Dr Vattic. Disciplined inquiry leading to practical results. They had no idea of the potential in Russia, we're simply taking things a step further."

John: "Further? You slaughtered those people!"

Hanson: "No, I think you're a little confused. We know what really happened in Dubrensk don't we? You and Starke's mercenaries running around murdering innocent children. You lost control!"

John: "No!"

Hanson: "And how do you explain what you've done now? The bodies you've stepped over to get here?"

John: "I... I just want to stop this."

Hanson: "Stop it? Oh don't make me laugh. You're the very reason it has succeeded."

John: "No! No... I'm the reason it's gonna end."

Hanson: "Oh please! Do you really think I would have allowed you to escape unintentionally? Your little runaround was nothing more than a test and your performance was even better than I had hoped for. But now the experiment has come to its end and so have you."

John: "I'm stronger than you think, Hanson."

Hanson: "Perhaps, but it makes no difference. We have samples all over the country. You're too late."

John: "Samples! They were people!"

Hanson: "Oh suffer the little children. What are you going to do? Kill me? You see, Vattic, the cards have been dealt and I hold the winning hand. You can't change the past!"

John: "You're wrong Hanson!"

Jayne Wilde: "Arghh!"


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